The Qiblah iPhone/iPad Application


By God's grace, our first iPhone / iPad app released in the Apple AppStore for finding the Qiblah. The name of the app is the 'The Qiblah' and it is available at: 

This app will  calculate the CORRECT Qiblah from anywhere in the world based on the users current location. Most other apps fail to do that as they simply give you the navigational direction to fly to Makkah by following the great circle rather than directly pointing to it which is wrong and not Quranic (which is why they point to North East instead of South East for US/ Canada). Even in the US while many submitters understand that the direction of Qiblah is slightly south of East, there is mixed information floating around about the degree of angles in which they turn , hence many submitters are still not really facing the Qiblah. This app solves this problem, Masha Allah. This app points to it head-on and your iPhone vibrates and notifies the user when he/she is precisely facing the Qiblah  

It comes with  dual viewing mode – Compass View and Map View.  The Compass view will show you a Compass with direction co-ordinates while a map view will display you on your current location.  Please see screen shots for details.

Moreover , this app links to the mobile version of Submission.WS to give quick access to articles, videos and Audios. 


It looks and works great on the iPhone but the iPad version looks even better . Both versions allow the user to listen to the Quran and watch videos and do much more like tweet verses of Quran on twitter or share on facebook as well as connect with other users. 

In order for this app to become successful and popular by God's leave, and in an effort to promote Submission, it would be extremely helpful if you can kindly rate and review this app so others can find it helpful. Also spread the word and share with your friends. 

In order to rate the app in the appstore, Please go the link below and click on the rating stars: